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Streaming/Super Bowl prank juggernaut Tubi offers a deliciously low barrier to entry viewing experience that lets anyone watch without a login. The ease with which viewers can go down the “rabbit hole” gives the brand permission to make an adorable micro-series of videos starring Denzel, a perfect rabbit. These pieces showcase the platform’s range of content and encourage viewers to check out a genre they might have previously ignored.




Denzel recommends a Bollywood rabbit-hole to fans


Bokksu is a snack box subscription service that sources hard-to-find Japanese treats. While the snacks themselves are more than enough appeal for most users, the brand uses their TikTok account as an insider’s POV of hidden gems around Japan. So what? Showcasing off-the-beaten-path attractions around Japan bolsters Bokksu’s credibility to fans, bringing subscribers into the fold and making the boxes feel more like souvenirs with emotional depth.

Pringles uses their social to lean into the product’s biggest design flaw with a #StuckinPringles series. The activation began as a way for a roster of Twitch gamers to add a layer of challenge to their streams but has since extended to TikTok. With content ranging from stunt skating to delivering newborns, the brand opens the door for a huge range of entertaining UGC while reframing what’s often considered a problem into an iconic set piece, complete with bragging rights.




@anna.the.nurse tends to a newborn


Gatorade’s G Fuel has a solid reputation in the gaming community as an energy drink that claims to boost focus and reaction times. The brand seems to be paving the way for a new audience with a recent partnership with car reviewer / influencer Forrest Jones, who mirrors the product’s elevated energy. While cans of the beverage have only been spotted in cupholders and emptying into drains (?), the partnership suggests a logical extension into niche interests, regardless of activity levels.


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