Memes and Movements

Mar 24, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

Drumstick ventured into the unexpected this week by getting a head start on this year’s #shortkingspring (with the help of their mini cones) and making a “brand dating account”, riding the wake of a joint brand “double date” post from Life360 that performed well last week. (Editor’s note: if you’re wondering what it means for brands to “date”, so far it entails parody relationship content covering everything from “crushes” to gender cliches).

Bose drops a hi-fi version of “Peanuts in My Cereal”

In a departure from their “Turn the Dial” campaign from earlier this month, Bose has nonetheless continued the Women’s History month theme with (satirical) “girly memes”. They’ve also finally given rabid fans a hi-fi release of “Peanuts in My Cereal” – a meme song they launched earlier this year and have been teasing since.

Amidst a landscape of unsolicited messages on dating apps, Bumble was originally founded on the principle of women starting the conversation. In the last few years, as gender and orientation have enjoyed a much more flexible presence in the mainstream, the brand has pivoted to the more inclusive “make the first move” platform. They’ve extended this to a March Madness-style bracket of fan-submitted opening lines, agnostic of any dating labels. For the more platonically minded, Bumble also partnered with Landing to encourage fans to create “bestie” vision boards.


Bumble starts a March Madness bracket for openers

Harnessing a trend that tugged at the heartstrings of dog & dairy folks, Kraft Singles teased last week that they’d soon be offering Cheese Tax Packs via a social-only giveaway. The packs boast a 15:1 “for you” to “for them” ratio and give the (not very socially reactive) brand an opportunity to occupy some emotional real estate in pet-loving fans – long after the trend has come and gone.


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