Stoking the Flame Since 1969

Habit Burger

For over 50 years, The Habit Burger Grill has shown its passion for better food through their craft, their service, and most distinctly – their flame. Best known for their Charburgers, The Habit have chargrilled their burgers and other signature sandwiches over an open flame since 1969. While previous Habit advertising campaigns have been focused on product launches, Battery and The Habit saw an opportunity to tell a deeper brand story. With the tagline “Stoking the Flame Since 1969” Battery and The Habit set out to share with the world what the California-born restaurant stands for and sets them apart in a fast casual world.

Staying true to what matters, Battery went with an elevated docu-style visual direction. Polished by not overly produced, the ads focus on the authentic, chargrilled-by-hand approach – a standard that sets The Habit apart from other quick-service and fast casual restaurants.

Battery secured the talents of Adam Bricker, the Emmy-nominated Director of Photography for Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Bricker deftly captures the smoky char flavor coaxed out by chefs who love the craft within each of the three spots – “Fire Isn’t Just Fire,” “Smoke Flavor,” and “We Keep It 600°F.”

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