Mortal Kombat X

Revitializing a Dormant Brand


Mortal Kombat was a beloved 27-year-old brand with a ton of equity, but it remained a hardcore fighting brand with a very specific consumer following. Our task – broaden sales to reach gamers of all types.

What is that we love about a fight? If someone ran down the halls anywhere – from a junior high to a rest home and yelled, “FIGHT!” – wouldn’t everyone try to get a look? From kids to the elderly, it’s a universal truth – we cannot resist a good fight. And MK is the king of all fights.

Mortal Kombat was a brand known for being over the top, so we needed to create a campaign in the MK way by making the largest fight circle of all time. We scripted the campaign and hired one of the best production companies, MJZ, along with one of their top directors, Phil Joanou. We flew down to Mexico City and created an intense build-up where word spreads quickly about a fight.

What begins as a hushed whisper quickly takes over the city. Soon everyone from office workers and new dads to chess-playing seniors are swept up in a spontaneous, frenzied crowd to witness the fight of all fights. True to Mortal Kombat’s jaw-dropping graphics and aggressive spirit, the commercial is big, raw and over the top. Finish Him!

The campaign set new sales records for this franchise and MKX was the fastest-selling title in WB’s history and became the #7 best selling console title of 2015.

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