Keep Dancing

RBC x AirPods Pro

People continue to be apathetic about who they bank with. They consider banks as a “sea of sameness,” and don’t see switching banks worth the hassle. And after years of living with COVID, Canadians are more focused on getting their life back on track than switching banks.

Knowing that switching banks was low on people’s priority list, RBC and Apple partnered to offer AirPods Pro at no cost. But just announcing this offer wasn’t enough. The challenge to Battery was to demonstrate how this offer, with the integration of banking with Siri on-the-go, brings powerful benefits to Canadians in their everyday lives.

So how did we approach it? We tapped into the cultural zeitgeist of people wanting to enjoy their lives again and showed how an everyday moment can become more effortless and more fun with RBC and AirPods Pro.

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