Royal Bank of Canada

RBC Auston Matthews Launch


Amid an uncertain economy, Canadians were more conscious about the value they were – or rather, weren’t – getting from their banks. To get people to switch banks and create an account with RBC, we needed to get noticed with an idea people wouldn’t expect, and make them believe in the unbeatable value RBC had to offer.

We set two goals for our new campaign: 

  1. Drive personal bank account (PBA) acquisition among non-RBC customers by 17% compared to last year’s PBA campaign.
  2. Increase consideration of RBC PBAs by building equity in the RBC Vantage platform.

Teaming up with professional hockey player, Auston Matthews, and brand spokesman “Gene Raymond” to act as pitchmen for the RBC Vantage brand, we promoted its benefits to those they stumble upon and brought humor to the banking world.


  • Best performing cash campaign ever, driving 42% growth YoY in PBA acquisition, exceeding the acquisition target by 23%
  • Saw over 30% YoY growth of in PBA acquisition in first 2 weeks
  • Skippable ads averaged 59% VCR,+79% lift YoY
  • Social drove clicks from over 155k users
  • Campaign drove incremental Ad Recall lift +0.7 points

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