What the crunch are Cridges?

The Habit Burger

When it feels like anyone with a fryer can enter the battlefield, how does the Habit Burger Grill stand out in the Chicken Wars? Meet the Cridges. It isn’t just a fun word to say. It represents an attention to detail and a passion for food that other quick service restaurants just don’t have. And it does it with the Habit’s signature style: effortless, unpretentious cool.

You may have fuzzy memories of encountering pale imitators of Cridges for the first time in your childhood oven chicken nuggets (or if you were lucky, timidly peppered family chain restaurant strips in a basket under a heat lamp). 

But the Habit Burger Grill’s Cridges are the real deal. Delicious, crispy, golden-brown treasures at the edges of a juicy chicken fillet that result from perfectly seasoned breading hitting the fryer at the optimal temperature. You can go ahead and place your Postmates order now. We’ll wait.

Since this campaign is all about the Cridges and the crunch, we used strong, sunny light that adds enough contrast to show off all the Cridges textures while still having some of that breezy California feeling (and still living in the elevated world of quick service restaurants).

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