Let's Make Some Weird Memories

Jackbox Games Party Pack 7

In 2014, Jackbox Games released the Jackbox Party Pack, a collection of fun, quirky video games that friends and family can enjoy together. So when they came to us with the opportunity to launch the Jackbox Party Pack 7, we were all in. The games themselves put everyday people into absurd situations, which makes for the best kind of memories…weird ones.

With the use of Party Packs peaking around New Year’s eve, Jackbox Games releases a Party Pack every year kicking off the Thanksgiving season. We were challenged to create an evergreen (yet of the moment) campaign with enough versatility to transition into holiday mode.

As existing Jackbox fans, we knew we had to capture the insane, side-splitting spontaneity of the games without leaning on gameplay footage. We also knew that there had to be butt jokes,

We all miss regularly seeing friends and family, but Zooms are exhausting. So how do we bring back the hangout and reclaim some of the spontaneity & magic of being with your loved ones? By playing games and making weird memories together. 

Jackbox Party Packs boast a low tech barrier to entry and are easily adaptable for remote play. So why limit ourselves by treating it as a video game when it is the party? 

We teamed up with the demented comic geniuses of Fatal Farm (Lasagna Cat, Alternate TV Intros) to capture Jackbox Party Pack 7’s chaotic, hilarious energy. Though to be honest, they were in it for the terrifyingly funny giant papier-mâché head.

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