LA Clippers

This is LA Our Way

“We wanted to kick off the season in a big way with a campaign that communicated who we are, what we stand for and how we play—driven by the same values of hustle, grid and relentless optimism that define the people who make up this great city,” said Matt Paye, vice president of marketing for the L.A. Clippers. “Battery brought our vision to life in a way that has created a groundswell movement in L.A. and beyond.”

It started in the off-season with the words of coach Doc Rivers, “It feels like we’re building a movement.” In a town that’s defined by glitz and glam, where Hollywood hype has long dominated the scene, the Clippers have risen above past adversity, and quietly changed the game with a gritty, and unrelenting style of basketball. On and off the court, the Clippers have built an organization that reflects the resilient spirit of the community it plays for. This is the real LA. This is LA Our Way.

As the Clippers’ agency of record, we set out to galvanize fans and Angelenos around this cultural movement with a grassroots campaign that’s inspired by the hard-fought and harder-won progress LA creates every day. A rally cry for underdogs everywhere, LA Our Way celebrates the sense of civic pride, and pure love of basketball that drives Clipper Nation. And it’s working. After a matter of months, we drove awareness up 63% in LA.

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