Let's Get Ready to Travel Again!

RBC Avion

There’s a lot to unpack here…and by a lot, we mean some witty and light-hearted luggage banter. In our latest work for the Royal Bank of Canada, we’re celebrating the fact that Canadians can finally travel again and book their flights with the RBC Avion card. In “Forgotten Suitcase”, a dramatic voice over provides the first-hand lamentations of a neglected suitcase, stowed away in a dark walk-in closet and out of use for the past sixteen months. As the camera slowly pushes in, the spot-lit item waxes poetic about vacations past. Suddenly, the despair over its retirement transforms into a new lease on life, as the closet lights turn on and a woman’s hand grabs the handle and rolls it out, accompanied by the tagline “Let’s get ready to travel again.”  This campaign debuted during the first week of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Future, I'm Coming for You

RBC Future Launch