Dustin Johnson Sees Things Differently

RBC Golf

What do one of golf’s all-time greats and one of the world’s largest financial services companies share in common? They both find a competitive edge in spotting patterns that others miss.

Globally, RBC is one of the most trusted and respected capital markets leaders in the game, but its wealth-management business is still something of an unknown quantity here in the United States. To connect with affluent, high-achieving individuals in this market there’s no better stage than the PGA, and no player more relevant than Dustin.

The only problem is you can’t swing a seven-iron without hitting an established financial brand in this space. To stand out from the crowd, who all walk, talk, and look the same, we took an approach as unique as DJ’s swing. We put a cinematic spin on the typical golf ad by working with A-list talent behind the camera, heightening the tension through visual effects and sound design.


Creating a cultural moment of pan-demonium