Zadara: New Federated Edge Program

Zadara, the on-demand edge cloud service program, was looking for a way to reach the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) it is designed to enable. So we came up with an innovative B2B and DtoC hybrid campaign aimed at reaching a hyper-targeted list of MSPs at specific companies. We partnered with Cameo for Business, and spent weeks researching over 600 MSPs (aka, light-stalking them on Social Media) to find out who each MSP most admired.  Tapping into various fandoms, Battery commissioned Cameos from notable names across the worlds of professional sports, music, film and television, and essentially sent out personalized commercials to each MSP – 100 to be exact. By enlisting their heroes to inform MSPs about the Federated Edge service in a legendary way, Zadara is proving how they are thinking differently – and more creatively – than other players in the edge cloud space.

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