Little Black Book Spotlights Battery’s ‘Viral Dance’ Work for RBC

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) believes banking should be effortless and enjoyable, and that’s why they’ve partnered with Apple. To celebrate this and attract young, new customers to the financial services institution, the largest bank in Canada debuts a new promotional campaign, ‘Viral Dance’, to showcase the benefits of digital banking at consumers’ fingertips.

Developed in partnership with creative agency Battery, the hero 30-second spot portrays three friends recording a TikTok inspired dance on the new iPad 10th Gen. As they break into an energetic dance routine, their moves accidentally lead to a broken picture frame. Instead of fretting over the cost, they seamlessly split the payment using Split with Friends in the RBC Mobile app on their iPads. RBC Mobile is an app that easily allows you to split bills and expenses with others.

A follow up to the popular RBC AirPods Pro campaign,’Vibing’ also by Battery, ‘Viral Dance’ highlights the joy of synchronizing with friends while showcasing the versatility and power of the RBC Mobile app on iPad, a device you get when you open an account. The tagline reads as: “Powerful benefits worth switching for, a nod to Vantage, the collection of benefits RBC offers their clients just for having a bank account.” This campaign exemplifies how technology can seamlessly integrate into daily life, making banking effortless, enjoyable while delivering value for all who switch to RBC.

The work is now live across TV, OLV, and social across Canada, and the promotion runs through July 31st, 2023.

“Royal Bank of Canada is known as a trusted leader for all things financial. Whether it’s a planned or unplanned expense, Canadians are confident RBC has their back,” said Scott Brown, ECD at Battery. “We have all embraced the new digital era. By using this storyline and the very human element of accidents happening, our message was able to unfold through lighthearted, fun creative that makes RBC stand out from other financial institutions.”

“Together with iPad, we are revolutionizing the way people experience banking while embracing the spirit of fun, friendship, and cutting-edge technology,” said Sonia Whiteson, VP of Marketing at RBC. “We want to encourage everyone to experience the future of banking with Royal Bank of Canada. By switching to RBC, you’ll receive a complimentary iPad, providing you with the perfect companion to easily manage your finances.”

– Courtesy of Little Black Book