Eat It Like You Own It

Land O’Lakes

Need a reason to eat more butter, cheese and cookies? After winning the AOR business for Land O’Lakes, we wanted to give the world the permission slip to do just that. So for the brand’s new campaign, we reminded people that when they buy Land O’Lakes products, their dollars go back to supporting the co-op’s over 1,000 dairy farmer-owners and their communities.

The campaign, “Eat it like you own it” is a rally cry for people to eat dairy proudly and unapologetically, as if they were farmer owners themselves. It celebrates Land O’Lakes’ progressive 100-year-old-farmer-owned co-op business alongside dairy-lovers everywhere.

The campaign launched with four films, social media, retail and more. Directed by Brig of Tool of North America, and shot by Oscar-nominated Director of Photography Rachel Morrison



 In the first trimester of 2022, the campaign lifted sales by 3.5%

  • boosted brand favorability by 2.6% across our total audience
  • purchase intent increased by 26 percentage points

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