Eat It Like You Own It

Land O’Lakes

Eat it like you own it

How do we reinvigorate the perception of a 100-year-old dairy brand and 
instill a sense of purpose behind the passion of dairy diehards?

“Eat It Like You Own It” is a rallying cry that gives people permission to proudly indulge in Land O’Lakes, as if they were farmer-owners themselves, because every bite directly supports more than 1,000+ independent farmers and their communities.


    A 100-year-old commodity with an aging base

    A beloved brand with personal purpose


    The Eat Like You Own It brand platform shows how the joy of eating with abandon doubles as gestures of support for farmer-owners.


      +3.9% sales lift across product lines
      +26% purchase intent lift in younger audiences
      +7.5% purchase intent lift in total audience
      +4%brand association with farmer-ownership

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