Creating a Team That's Bigger Than a Game

Angel City

After the history-shattering legacy of the USWNT in 2019, women’s soccer has become an unstoppable force in culture. But Los Angeles, the global epicenter of entertainment and a city with two pro teams in every other major sport, still doesn’t have a professional women’s team. Until now.

This club was inspired by the idea that fans and players deserve better. Fans are hungry for a show that’s both sport and spectacle. Communities want to rep a religion they all believe in. The kid in us wants to see our heroes rise as superstars, and get paid like them too. And even those who aren’t soccer fans want to join the party.

So now, in this inevitable season of change, a group of athletes, local leaders, fans, and citizens are creating something undeniable and unignorable. A team that lives up to the name Angel City.

Created to elevate the business of women’s sports and entertainment, fight for equal pay, build more accessible and equitable fan communities, Angel City was built from the ground up as a global brand, not just a local team.

From the team name to the mission statement to the iconography, we worked closely with our partners at Angel City Football Club (yes we came up with the name!), to sell through an expansion team to the National Women’s Soccer League and build a diverse coalition of owners, supporters, and community micro-leaders.

For the club announcement, we developed a film that established the brand as a force bigger than soccer, and helped gain 465K Instagram followers, international media coverage, and praise from other athletes, and sports franchises.

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