Battery and Land O’Lakes team up for “Eat It Like You Own It”

Oct 9, 2021 | Brands | 0 comments

Go ahead, eat the butter. Stack the cheese. Have more pie. Everything in moderation. In this new ad campaign from Land O’Lakes, the dairy brand speaks to indulgers in a language they can understand. The work also reminds us that the more Land O’Lakes products you choose to consume, the better things will be for the 1,000 dairy farmers that supply their raw milk. Directed by Brig of Tool of North America, and shot by Oscar-nominated Director of Photography Rachel Morrison, the good feeling is baked right into the four sunny spots: “Anthem,” “The Perfect Sandwich,” “Cookie Swap,” and “Buttered Toast.” Timed for the brand’s 100th anniversary, this is the first Land O’Lakes campaign to emerge under the leadership of its new CMO Heather Malenshek. She says, “The work celebrates the most authentic part of who Land O’Lakes is, a farmer-owned co-op, and the enjoyment that comes with eating food you can feel good about.” Land O’Lakes worked with Battery on this campaign. “‘Eat It Like You Own It’ is joyful and self-evident. It feels like an unwritten truth,” says Philip Khosid, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Battery. Battery is part of Paris-based Havas Group. The agency has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Shanghai.