On the Transmogrification of VoiceBrand Social Intelligence

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You may recall that at the end of last year, a man named Elvis Francois survived for 24 days at sea subsisting primarily off a bottle of ketchup. After allegedly contacting several Elvis impersonators, the Colombian navy, and the government of Dominica, Heinz is using their Instagram to enlist the public’s help in tracking down Francois. The condiment giant’s “#FindTheKetchupBoatGuy” campaign ostensibly seeks to set Francois up with a brand new boat, allowing for lots of fun social inroads and wide engagement.


Heinz asks for the public’s help with #FindTheKetchupBoatGuy

Though Google Pixel’s campaigns tend to focus on the smartphone’s impressive camera capabilities from a techie perspective, the brand has found surprising ambassadors in actor/model Julia Fox and relationship influencer Tinx. Both spokespeople praise the platform’s knack for “red flag removal”. This functions as a comment on unwanted elements in photos as well as a tie-in to Tinx’s relationship advice (and Julia Fox’s public persona). So what? While it can be easy (especially in tech) to rattle off a product’s assets, drawing in a more casual audience can look like focusing on one RTB from different angles.

In addition to an informative TikTok series that covers a range of topics from analyzing actual travel savings to “homebuying season”, Nerdwallet has used their Instagram account to lean into a partnership with Sesame Street’s Count Von Count. The finance brand’s short clips offer bite-sized tips for day-to-day spending and investing, but the Muppet’s charmingly simplistic (and nostalgic!) voice is key to their impact.

Nerdwallet finds an endearing brand voice in The Count

Adobe takes an inspired approach to exploring creativity, ranging from content that gets on professional creatives’ levels (i.e. tutorials on boosting representation in art and design challenges with obstacles like unpopular fonts) to partnerships with specialized creators that engage their own fanbases of aspiring artists.


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