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May 5, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

In the spirit of 2021’s P-22 activation, Verizon partnered with Snapchat and the New York Hall of Science last week to release a “Science City Explorers” lens. The lens allows users to scan various pieces of infrastructure around the city to learn more about their functionality and the science behind their construction (for example, scanning a stop sign might yield a description of its reflective sheet coating). So what? Not only does the network operator earn credibility in terms of connection speed and fidelity with this activation, but it also builds brand love by linking Verizon to a sense of curiosity and exploration befitting the culture of the city.
Paul Rodriguez shows off his first love – a ‘96 Mustang]


Fender has produced a lot of musician-centered content over the years, with series like Artist Check-Ins that show off custom pieces and home studio equipment. A new Don’t Quit Your Daydream series departs from the traditional landscape by interviewing noteworthy figures in non-musical fields who still carry a torch for the guitar. In this case, X Games skater Paul Rodriguez talks about guitar playing as his first lifelong passion, even if that just means strumming Nirvana chords for decades.
Hendrick’s Gin butted against AI hype last week with a “Chat G&T” livestream, replacing the program with Elliot – a loquacious dandy who answers fan questions ‘inefficiently’. So what? In a sea of competitors trying to harness AI in a compelling way, Hendrick’s still gets credit for participating in the conversation while rooting the brand in meandering fun that puts experience ahead of convenience.

@MaxNoBeer creates Quizlet guides for everyday Korean]


Quizlet has study resources for dozens of subjects, but they’ve carved out a social niche by partnering with Korean travel influencer @MaxNotBeer as a study ambassador. With a bespoke study guide that focuses on everyday conversations, Quizlet expands their academic rep to accommodate an organic and boundless approach to learning.