Virtues & Values

May 12, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

 As purveyors of bohemian clothing, Free People has used their social accounts to deepen the brand’s associations with art and freedom. This includes “free-est”, a series of musician interviews, as well as a partnership with pop artist Ari Brochin (the Golden Canvas) that explores both the role of creativity and challenging the status quo by pushing against a culture of traditional femininity.


FLO, best known as makers of PMS-relieving vitamins and supplements, earns credibility and authority with posts that seek to destigmatize menstruation. Recent forays into this territory include street trivia on reproductive health and a social experiment bringing menstrual cramps into small talk with strangers.


A FLO ambassador strikes up a menstruation conversation

Riding the coattails of a line of ‘compassion flower-inspired’ products, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has dedicated their recent social media to encouraging fans to start their own community gardens, including giving away $1M worth of grants and a partnership with Brooklyn-based populist gardening influencer @plantkween.

So what? In addition to the obvious botanical connection, this activation extends and legitimizes the brand’s claim to ‘clean’.