Getting a Foot in the Door

May 19, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

As holder of the record of happiest country for the sixth consecutive year, Visit Finland gained traction earlier this month promoting their upcoming Happiness Masterclass, alongside a contest asking fans to discover their “inner Finn”. The activation created scores of UGC wherein contestants detailed what made them ‘secretly’ Finnish (like loving coffee) in hopes of winning an IRL seat in the class. So what? While Finland’s happiness metric is certainly an extrinsic draw for travelers, the tourism organization takes things a step further by inviting prospective visitors to view themselves as belonging culturally without even having set foot in the country.


Exes Chris Olsen & Ian Paget ‘Makeup over Makeup’

e.l.f Cosmetics launched “Makeup over Makeup” this week – a YouTube series that starts with influencers Chris Olsen & Ian Paget coming together to rehash their ended relationship while doing one another’s makeup. So what? While the products are secondary to the emotional throughline, the beauty brand effectively frames the act of applying makeup and skincare products as a means of building intimacy and connection. 

@sneakermechanic’s custom painted BK hightops

Burger King leans into their nostalgic rebrand with a custom shoe partnership with @sneakermechanic as well as a whimsical guide to styling the chain’s iconic crowns with ‘color addict’ @kaliannakali. The activations allow the brand to expand their range of content while subtly solidifying their connection with the classic flame-inspired color palette.


The Crocs x Minecraft collab serves both brands on social  – the new AR games give another visual & emotional dimension to the shoes’ chill mode vs. sport mode, while the  “Crocs Crossing” minigame allows the IP to play in the split screen Subway Surfers ‘overstimulation’ meme trend (and ideally get some solid UGC out of it).