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RBC believes banking should be effortless and enjoyable, and that’s why they’ve partnered with Apple. To celebrate this and attract new customers to the financial services institution, we developed a multi-year campaign called ‘Viral Dance,’ showcasing the benefits and ease of digital banking at consumers’ fingertips.

The hero film portrays three friends recording a TikTok inspired dance on the iPad 10th Gen. As they break into an energetic dance routine, their moves lead to some comedic consequences. Instead of fretting over the cost, they seamlessly split the payment using the ‘Split with Friends’ feature in the RBC Mobile app on their iPads.

As a follow up, we created ‘Vibing’ to highlight the joy of synchronizing with friends while showcasing the versatility and power of the RBC Mobile app on iPad. We show technology can seamlessly integrate into daily life, making banking effortless, enjoyable while delivering value for all who switch to RBC.


  • “Viral Dance” campaign had the most account opens of all-time on the 9-year recurring iPad promotion
  • Nearly 2x breakthrough YoY at 67%
  • 57% viewer interest (+25 points YoY) willing to go learn more
  • Second best iPad campaign yearly performance, just slightly behind the very first time the program launched

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