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Mar 17, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

Starface peddles a large range of skincare products, but is best known for star-shaped “spot treatment” stickers that come in a case reminiscent of a Lego man’s head. This packaging serves as the perfect deadpan vehicle for content that tangoes with the sensory horrors of personal care and family and relationship truths, and even evokes a bizarre sense of pathos surrounding the brand’s fruit-scented line.


Starface’s case makes a perfect emotional projection tool

While known for their bespoke colors and designs, paint and wallpaper brand Lick spends some time away from singing the praises of individual products by completely reframing the idea of color. In a recent post, a spokesperson explained the idea of “color drenching” as a means of creating visual space and drawing attention to the room’s decor. Combined with a partnership with artisan furniture maker / sourcer Nicole Janelle who prefers “cozy neutrals” on her walls, Lick treats their paint as a new path to individual expression in the form of negative space. 

Funko has literally manufactured pop cultural figures on a massive scale for the last 25 years. Rather than take an IP / celebrity-first approach, the brand instead uses social to celebrate fandom itself. With a “Pop Around the World” travel series that connects with international fans & collectors as well as “Fun Chats” that take deep dives into pop culture esoterica for even the most seasoned fanatics.


Doug Jones talks to Funko about playing the Faun in “Pan’s Labyrinth”

While the nonprofit certainly mirrors a lot of the content of their publications on social, Consumer Reports more importantly uses their Instagram & Tiktok accounts to substantiate their role as consumer advocates beyond purchases. This comes in forms ranging from cybersecurity for victims of abuse, to sustainability tips to advanced (yet efficient) cleantok content.


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