Breaking New Ground

Jun 2, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

With the help of Cara Delevingne’s commanding eyebrows, Swedish energy company Vattenfall (Swedish for waterfall) elbows their way into the beauty space by releasing a face mist. The “50ml bottle of systemic change” touts that Vatenfall’s ‘industrial emissions’ from producing hydrogen energy are just water, adding a memorable and chic visual dimension to their value proposition.

Cara Delevingne promotes ‘industrial waste’-based beauty

Baby name database and service Nameberry turned heads last week when they posted a (spoiler alert) video predicting beats of Succession’s finale days before its air date. The video, which digs into the origins, meanings, and potential motivations behind the characters’ names, may say more about the show’s writers than the r

Levi’s in-store artist workshops for AAPI heritage month

ole that names actually play in our lives, but is nonetheless a great example of a brand leveraging their specialized knowledge during a highly anticipated cultural moment.

Levi’s wrapped up AAPI heritage month with several artist-led workshops taking place at their brick and mortar stores, putting culture and creative expression at the forefront of the activation while still logically connecting back to “the greatest story ever worn”. They additionally branched out from their usual presence with a partnership with @adelialaughs, a plus size style influencer who talks about postpartum changing bodies (and how being a new size doesn’t have to put a damper on personal style).

Notorious for their Twitter voice (and possibly backing away due to recent developments with the channel), Wendy’s has recently pivoted their Facebook page to a satirical “boomer” presence. So what? While Facebook has gradually fallen out of favor with a younger demographic, Wendy’s leans into the lower stakes of a less popular platform and lets fans go in a little feral in hopes of earning lots of laugh reacts and all-caps responses.