Deepening & Diverging

Jun 23, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

Functional beverage heavyweight Olipop has geared a lot of social towards the trendy mocktail category, which is a logical extension of the brand’s positioning as a gut-healthy soda alternative. However, they’ve branched out recently with a dad joke contest (driven by the brand’s ties to “pop”) as well as developing soda-inspired recipes that remind fans of the line’s flavors without pushing the product.


An Olipop ambassador preps watermelon salsa

Danish cafe chain Joe & the Juice recently partnered with lifestyle influencer Serena Kerrigan to create a “Do it for the plot” shake (inspired by

Heinz’s hot dog activist takes a stand against bare glizzies

the creator’s mantra). As a reflection of the YOLO-adjacent attitude, the brand is given permission to produce more out-of-pocket content, including a ‘DIY’ marketing approach and goofy tangents. Additionally, the franchise’s 21 year anniversary celebration this week gave cause for a hapless social team member to do 21 ginger shots.

American Girl is best known for making dolls with ties to significant moments in history and culture, but their 1998 book “The Care and Keeping of You” has been credited with introducing an entire generation to puberty. Despite the book’s declining popularity in recent years, it’s hard to deny its impact on the millennial zeitgeist – which explains why the brand’s posts about how future generations would also be floored by the book are hitting so many FYPs.


In a series of posts with a tone akin to PETA’s, Heinz takes up a new cause with “Hot Dogs are Not a Contest” – a campaign that brings to fans’ attention the fact that hot dogs are dunked in water and bereft of condiments during eating competitions. Between a hat giveaway and spokesperson “Francis Weiner” tenderly ‘rescuing’ a bare hot dog off the street, Heinz plays in effective comedic grossout territory while still heroing their iconic bottles.