Cultural Rolls & Troll Reversals

Jul 7, 2023 | Brand Social Intelligence | 0 comments

Tea juggernaut Celestial Seasonings has capitalized on the success of memes involving their packages’ iconic bear to trawl the “sleepy” corners of Tiktok, with a particular emphasis on coziness as a state of mind. Positioning the mascot as an aspirational figure who eschews the “grindset” for an early bedtime, Celestial Seasonings reaches out to a younger generation of fans with interests ranging from cottagecore aesthetics to the beauty & self care sphere.

Celestial’s Sleepytime Bear hits the hay

Kicking off Independence Day with some powerful nostalgia, Bomb Pop’s AR Snap lens launched alongside a physical pop-up featuring merch designed by “The Summer I Turned Pretty” actor Gavin Casalegno. Countering the common AR narrative of having a digital artifact appear to be part of the user’s physical space, the activation treats the distinctive frozen novelty as a “key” to free summery sundries.

Jack Remmington kicks off a sightseeing voyage with Gregg’s

Greggs (of UK-based sausage roll fame) partnered with LNER to produce a “Greggspotting” series that follows influencer Jack Remmington on a journey between London and Newcastle, completing challenges and answering trivia. So what?  In addition to the brand boost from their newfound presence on the rails, the series solidifies the convenience chain’s identity as an English icon and landmark. 

As a follow-up to the contrarian brand’s first two vitriol-based releases, Liquid Death’s “Greatest Hates III” denotes their foray into 80s dance pop as well as their first music video release. In addition to the video’s mesmerizing early metal visuals, the beverage brand gets some quality content mileage out of the album’s claim to Tony Hawk’s musical debut.